Who are the Grocery Hags?

The Grocery Hags, Andie and Allie migrated to New York City all the way from Dallas,Tx in a covered wagon filled with spices and delicious meats for bartering. In New York, these Tex-Mex mama’s traded in their salsa flavored border town allegiances for the rare delight of the big City’s many culinary options (although they still love a good guac-a-salsa, you can take the Girl out of Texas…) From the Wok to the Spit, our two lovely heroines can EAT, and they are not ashamed! Here here, beautiful girls of the world, we love food and we’re not afraid to show it! Join us in our tasty travels around New York City and beyond!


2 responses to “Who are the Grocery Hags?

  1. Prettiest hags ever.

  2. and can you include an entry with your favorite recipes of all time? this might motivate me to cook more…

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