I already told you – Bacon is having a moment

Once upon a time, in the year 2000, the Grocery Hags went to Israel. Once there, I thought to myself “hey, keeping kosher isn’t so hard, maybe I’ll try this.”

Fast forward nine years, I have since become the food-obsessed eater you know today. And since everyone and their dogs have become slightly interested in bacon (and chorizo. and pancetta. and pork belly. and sausage. I would go on but we’d be here awhile), I surrendered.

ANYWAY, the food world’s bacon worship has been going on for a couple of years now. I know you thought the bacon log thing that was all over the internet late last year was the culmination, but oh no.

Enter Bacon Camp.

Where all your dreams come true

Held in San Francisco over the weekend (Broder, why didn’t you go?), it more or less established the Church of Bacon Saints for all those needing to pray. Bacon was eaten in all ways, shapes and forms. I’m assuming there was an EMT or two on call. Can’t decide if I would be in heaven or hell, but this pretty much is a great description of a little nugget of bacon-ness that I find totally intriguing and also completely disgusting:

Appetites were quickly regained to try the chicken fried bacon with sausage gravy, which was so wrong and yet so amazing: Two bites was more than enough to feel like the arteries had been sent directly to hell, but it was definitely worth it. Fortunately, they were nugget-sized, which was actually quite thoughtful.

I would have one bite, I swear. And go straight to the cardiologist.

You can read about it here . Someone get me that Bacon shirt!

Oh, and I made this bacon-free recipe last night. I highly recommend it for anyone who cannot believe it is still so cold outside right now!


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